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Pirelli Italian Grand Prix - Qualifying

Monza, September 3, 2016 – Temperatures remained warm in qualifying for the Italian grand prix, with track temperatures of 44 degrees centigrade and 31 degrees ambient as the session got underway at the ‘Temple of Speed’.

In the past, strategy has tended to focus on a one-stopper for the Italian Grand Prix, but the introduction of the supersoft tyre for the first time – with three compounds now nominated for each race – could bring in a new variable with a two-stopper chosen by some drivers.


For the last six years, the driver starting from pole position has won at Monza, making qualifying absolutely crucial. Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton took pole, as he did last year (when he claimed a grand slam with fastest lap and race victory too) using the supersoft tyre smashing the 2015 pole time by around 2.2 seconds.


Ferrari was the only team to get through Q1 using the soft tyres only, where Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen placed third and fifth compared to their supersoft-equipped rivals.


In Q2, both Mercedes drivers were the only ones to get through with the soft tyres only (although Red Bull also tried, before switching to supersoft) – meaning that this is the compound that they will start on tomorrow.


The Q3 battle was run entirely on the supersoft, with Hamilton setting his pole time of 1m21.135s during his second run right at the end of the session, ahead of team mate Nico Rosberg.


Paul Hembery, Pirelli motorsport director: “Track temperatures were about the same than we saw yesterday for free practice, with strategy already at the forefront from the start of qualifying. In Q2 the Mercedes drivers were the only ones to get through on the soft tyres only. Both saved a set of supersoft, while the Mercedes drivers will be the only ones in the top 10 to be starting the race tomorrow on the more durable soft tyre – from the first two places on the grid. So it remains to be seen whether or not this will affect their thinking on strategy tomorrow. With both one or two stops possible, the tactics for the grand prix will be extremely interesting.”

How the tyres behaved today:

Medium: Not used in qualifying but likely to be an essential part of any one-stop plan.

Soft: Only used by Ferrari in Q1, then also used by others in Q2 as the race start tyre.

Supersoft: Pole tyre, but only a relatively small speed advantage here compared to soft.


Free practice 3 - top three times

Hamilton          1m22.008s      Supersoft New

Rosberg           1m22.401s       Supersoft New

Vettel               1m22.946s      Supersoft New


Qualifying top 10

Hamilton          1m21.135s         Supersoft New

Rosberg          1m21.613s          Supersoft New

Vettel               1m21.972s        Supersoft New

Raikkonen       1m22.065s       Supersoft New

Bottas              1m22.388s      Supersoft New

Ricciardo         1m22.389s       Supersoft New

Verstappen      1m22.411s        Supersoft New

Perez               1m22.814s       Supersoft New

Hulkenberg      1m22.836s      Supersoft New

Gutierrez         1m23.184s        Supersoft New


Most laps by compound so far

Medium           Rosberg                       23 laps

Soft                  Vettel                            27

Supersoft         Gutierrez                      22

                        Raikkonen                     22

Prototype         Massa                           11


Best time by compound so far

Medium           Rosberg                      1m24.569s

Soft                  Hamilton                     1m21.498s

Supersoft         Hamilton                     1m21.135s

Prototype         Hamilton                    1m24.123s

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